cf. city flows

cf. city flows is a comparative visualization environment of urban bike mobility designed to help citizens casually analyze three bike-sharing systems in the context of a public exhibition space.

Three high-resolution screens show the space of flows of New York City, Berlin, and London through visualizing bike journeys. With our visualizations we want to understand the pulse of urban mobility, and create portraits of a city defined by its transient dynamics.

Together with Till Nagel & Marian Dörk, Client: Urban Complexity Lab, FH Potsdam

In a separate study I tried to push the boundaries of data visualization for urban mobility and designed a set of tools for space-time geography of flow data. Still in an early state these experiments demonstrate a new approach to visualize origin/destination movement by using Edge Bundling in 3d. Screenshots

Streams and Traces 5-11 Nov 2015, Berlin, Germany
IEEE VIS 2016 Arts Program 23-28 Oct 2016, Baltimore, USA

Till Nagel, Christopher Pietsch, and Marian Dörk. Staged Analysis: From Evocative to Comparative Visualizations of Urban Mobility. In Proceedings of the IEEE VIS Arts Program (VISAP)

Bike share mapping creates beautiful portraits of London, NYC and Berlin The Guardian Exhibition
Bike-share trips become mesmerizing droplets of light in these animated maps VOX