Brain State Sharing

This project was developed in the course „Messing with our Minds“ and is an experimental approach on the topic of Brain Computer Interfaces and Realtime Neuroscience. At the beginning of the course we were confronted with the possibility of having realtime activity data of someones brain. The workflow was like this: EEG recording device -> Mathlabs -> Processing. So what could we do with this?
We decided to investigate the topic of Brainmachines cause it seemed to be just the perfect match. After some Research our Question was: Is it possible to transfer someones mental state through technology?

What came out of this, was a working prototype with astonishing effects on the probands. The project was presented at the „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft“ @ Language of Emotions FU Berlin and various Festivals. More information on the project website. A project together with Luis Grass and Michael Härtel.

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