The Next Big Thing

Whats gonna be the next big thing in terms of technology? I am about one thing absolutely sure: Lasers. There will be many new Products which are using Lasers like projectors. Which leads us to the second big thing: Projectors – in all sizes. Now everybody is happy about multitouch but digital projectors will rule even more. Just imagine that there will be projectors in your digital camera as a replacement for the flash. Or projectors in your cellphone, laptop, lights.
Projectors will also start a revolution in the illumination. What already started in the illumination business in theaters or dance performances will swap to your home, your room, your lights.
Did you know that there are already first led/laser powered projectors available? Did you know that there are already projectors which are not bigger than matchbox?
The technology and the products are ready. Now what is missing is the design. The Design of the software/interface/hybrid product.
The way we will get in touch with digital information will change through these projectors. A screen will be no longer a screen.