Smooth Vertical Dock Mod

chrispie’s fresh release: A modded version (much better looking) of the OS X leopard vertical dock. At the moment only avaible for the right side. The dock has a dropshadow and a fine line at the border. Try it out!


copyright by chrispie

short Install Instructions

  1. Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices
  2. Right-click on Dock and ’show package contents‘.
  3. Navigate to /Contents/Resources/
  4. Back up: right1.png right2.png right3.png right4.png right5.png
  5. Then, replace them with files from archive.
  6. If have an issue with one of the files not copying properly, the original files needs to be deleted from the directory first.
  7. open Terminal and type ‚killall Dock‘ to restart the dock.



  • just give me a

trouble Install Instructions

  1. Navigate to (or use the „Go To Folder“ command in Finder) : /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock
  2. Right-Click / control-click on „Dock“ and choose „Show Package Contents“, then navigate to „/Contents/Resources“
  3. Make a folder on your Desktop called „Dock Backup“
  4. Copy the following 5 files to the Dock Backup folder you just made :
  5. Move the 5 aforementioned files from the „/Dock/Content/Resources“ folder to trash.
  6. Launch Terminal
  7. Type (without quotes) „killall Dock“
  8. Empty your trash
  9. Copy those same 5 files from this archive into your „/Dock/Content/Resources“ folder.
  10. Type again (without quotes) „killall Dock“
  11. Enjoy your new dock

It is your system, so your responsibility. I strongly recommend you back up anything you might want to modify before doing so.